• Crimped wire mesh is durable and full of fashionable elements.
  • Expanded metal mesh are installed on the buildings to be used as exterior facade cladding.
  • Hard mesh are used as exterior facade to decorate your buildings.
  • Cable metal mesh used as the wall in high grade building reflect the bright light.

Exterior Facade Metal Mesh for Various High Class Buildings

After 17 years of development, Boegger Industech Limited has become more and more professional and always majors in manufacturing the best metal wire mesh used in building exterior facade cladding for office buildings, shopping malls and parking lot, etc.

Various products

Made of different materials, technologies and weaving types, we are very pleased to offer you various types of wire mesh facades to meet your various application. Each type of exterior facade has their own features. Further more, we will cooperate with you to develop more new products to meet your continuous updated requirements. Main products are in the below.

  • Expanded metal mesh. High visibility and guarding properties.
  • Perforated metal mesh. A metal sheet with various shaped openings in the area.
  • Cable metal mesh. Manufactured of cable metal wire and steel wire rod.
  • Crimped wire mesh. More durable because of its special crimps.
  • Flat wire woven mesh. Low transparency but has a very sleek appearance.
  • Conveyor belt mesh. Manufactured from round or flat spiral wire and straight or pre-crimped rods.
Expanded metal mesh can be widely used for the facade cladding.

Various advantages

Our metal exterior facade mesh has a wide range of application, not only can be used in the functional application, but also be used as building decorative and protective materials. The main advantages are as follows:

Various kinds of exterior facades has many advantages, durable, beautiful surface, and corrosion resistance.
  • Durable and long lasting. For quality assurance, all our wire mesh facades are made of super materials, and can be resistant to the harsh environment.
  • Beautiful surface. Stainless steel wire for bright silver surface and brass, copper, phosphor bronze for classical surface.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance. Because of high quality stainless steel materials, the metal exterior facades have resistance to the corrosion, rust, acid and alkali.
  • Full of fashionable elements. With unique weaving types, our building exterior facade can give the buildings a particular visual effect to attract eyes of passersby.
  • Variety of openings and specs. The facade meshes with various types of openings and many specifications offer more choices and can better meet your special needs.
  • Protective. In addition to the decorative elements, the facade cladding mesh also can be used as protective materials for the high class buildings.

Various applications

The expanded metal mesh, perforated metal mesh, cable metal mesh and other metal fabric can be used in various places, such as, office building, home, concerts, exhibition hall, shopping malls and other high-class places. The main applications are as follows:

The facade has the effect of decoration as well as protection.

Exterior Wall decoration

For example, perforated metal facade mesh with different hole shapes can be installed on the walls for a whole decoration. What's more, it can be customized into different pictures for more decorative requirements.

Facade can protect the safe of people and property in the buildings.

Facade cladding

Installed on the building surface, the metal facade mesh can let the buildings become more attractive and at the same time has the effect of protection.

Facade metal mesh can be installed on the surface of window to decorate or protect the buildings.

Window treatment

Facade metal mesh can be installed on the surface of window. With high open area, it does not influence the ventilation. It can also protect the safe of people and properties in it.

Various kinds of metal mesh can be used in the handrail and balustrade.

Handrail and balustrade

Our metal mesh is ornamental and practical. So it can be used as decoration in the handrails and balustrade as well as protects the people's safe.

Hot Products

Expanded Metal Mesh

Expanded metal mesh is strong and has a skid resistant surface. It can be used in building facade with its high visibility and guarding properties.

Perforated Metal Mesh

Perforated metal mesh combines strength and beautiful appearance. It can be used to exterior facade with various choices of opening sizes and areas.

Cable Metal Mesh

The cable mesh woven with metal rods and metal cable rope provides high stability. And it is mainly used for building exterior facade mesh.

Crimped Wire Mesh

Crimped wire facade mesh with durable special crimps becomes an incredible versatile mesh suitable for building interior and exterior decoration.

The most popular products and specifications